"Should not go to work without it!"
— Jim Novoa, Parts Manager, Antelope Valley Ford
"DealerMine has helped us clean our obsolescence and create new opportunities. Now we can get new parts to make new sales!"
— Victor Zavala, Parts Manager, Kirby Auto Group, Ventura, CA
"DealerMine provides outstanding service in getting your idle inventory moved. I have worked with Sam and DealerMine at two different dealers and they are very aggressive in getting your inventory file out to prospective buyers. I would highly recommend using their service to help move idle inventory."
— Kevin French, Newport Chevrolet, Newport, NH
"DealerMine has provided us with an easy to use, effective way to liquidate our obsolescence. Would love to see more Canadian Dealers using the service."
— Don Gilman, Dir of Fixed Op, Birchwood Automotive, Winnipeg, MB
"Just want to thank you and the entire team at DealerMine. In less than 2 months we've managed to drop almost 10% of our obsolete inventory -- something that would have taken us 5 to 6 months using our return allowance. Super easy system to use -- load up an Excel file and wait for the orders to come in!! Pack it up, ship it out and collect your money -- doesn't get any easier than that! I highly recommend the system for any store that has over 10% worth of obsolete stock."
— Adam Clay, Eastway Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ltd, Scarborough, ON
"I started using DealerMine at the end of May and for the first time in months when I ran my month end reports my obsolescence has come down. I just wish I had started using DealerMine sooner. The only extra time you spend using DealerMine is picking the parts and shipping them out. I have not sold so much obsolescence in such a short period of time. Rick and the staff at DealerMine are very professional to deal with and get back to you promptly if you have any questions."
— Kelly Folk, Renfrew Chrysler, Calgary AB
"I purchase more on the DealerMine website than all other buying sites combined. I have been aggressively buying on 3 other trading web sites for years. I found DealerMine last fall and I have realized much more market for my aged inventory as well as buying from new dealers I had yet touched. Great Tool!"

“Your website makes me money faster than any other parts sales website I am using.”
— Jeff Siegried, Inver Grove Ford, Inver Grove Heights, MN
“DealerMine is working great for me. I am kicking myself for not doing this sooner!”
— Peewee Price, Tom’s Truck Center, Santa Ana, CA
“Of all the programs I've used to sell obsolescence you (DealerMine) are the best. You get me more deals and bigger deals than any of the others.”
— Dan Eld, Gibbons Ford, Dickson City, PA
“DealerMine gets me way more deals than CDP or d2d, that's why I always ship their deals first. And their service is far better than anyone else's.”
— Mark Rupert, Randall Reed Prestige Ford, Garland, TX
“To whom it may concern, I have been dealing with DealerMine for approximately 2 years now. When I started, my obsolescence was well over 25%. With the help of DealerMine and their vast knowledge of matching buyers with sellers, I had my inventory clean in no time. Now it's down to a managed 3%. Thank you DealerMine; Could not have done it without you.”
— Dave Kohl, Harper Motors, Eureka, CA
“I can't even believe how painless it was. We had about $50,000 worth of stagnate parts. DealerMine sold $45,000 worth in less than 1 month for us. Ok let's sum it up. Call DealerMine... Sell parts for 50 cents on the dollar. Great website, great people, turn your dust into cash. More space and parts that move. Thanks DealerMine, fellas you rock!!!.”
— Randal Guise, Dayton Toyota & Ford Parts, Dayton, NJ
“With manufacturers taking away discount, Parts Managers need to be always looking for ways to increase departmental profit. DealerMine helps accomplish this with a simple to use website and always helpful employees. Buying parts at discount equals easy $$$ to the bottom line. Thanks.”
— Brian Ainsworth, Good Chevrolet, Renton, WA
“DealerMine was extremely helpful in my quest to sell our parts inventory. Rick Pate did everything possible to help insure the smoothest transition from the initial file transfer to sending the orders out to other Ford dealers across the country in a timely fashion. Great job. Thanks again.”
— Jim Weir, Elmhurst Lincoln Mercury, Elmhurst, IL
“I love the process and the program. It's a great value and help to dealers. We reinvest the money in fast movers. We have moved a lot of parts for a small dealer and I would recommend DealerMine to anyone.”
— Ernest Holt, Tidelands Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Pawleys Island, SC
“My experience working with DealerMine has been a very good experience. The folks are very understanding and accommodating dealing with the challenges that our business faces. The level of communication between our dealership and DealerMine is very important to brainstorm and come up with a proper solution. Situated in Hawaii, the largest challenge is shipping parts across the ocean in a cost effective method in a timely manner. DealerMine has helped by finding clients that are willing to wait the time it takes to have parts shipped across the ocean. DealerMine has helped my dealership sell close to $80,000 as opposed to other services which have provided me 1/10th the sales. DealerMine's quality of service is second to none. I have already recommended another dealer to explore the options that DealerMine has to offer..”
— Paul Louie, Island Auto Center, Kahului, HI
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