Turn your dust into gold!!! We've been in the dealer parts business over 23 years. By being in the industry for that long, we have established an extensive network of huge parts buyers. We've helped dealers liquidate millions of dollars worth of obsolescence. Here's how it works:
  • You send us a file (Excel, text, etc) of your slow moving inventory or we dial into your computer and obtain the data directly, to grab a list of parts that you're willing to sell at 50 cents on the dollar.
  • We shop your list to our huge network of buyers nationwide.
  • Our system automatically notifies you via email of the parts buyers want to purchase from you.
  • You log in to our website, print the list of parts, ship the parts, and enter shipment amounts in to our website and you're done with that obsolescence forever!!
We've crunched the numbers and, believe it or not, we have found that it's actually profitable to dump your slow movers at 50 cents on the dollar when you reinvest that $ in fast moving inventory. Click here to do the calculation yourself.

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Increase profit margins dramatically by buying fast moving parts for 50 cents on the dollar through DealerMine!! That's correct, fast movers for 50 cents on the dollar!!! Over the years, we've helped dealers buy millions of dollars worth of fast movers @ 50 cents on the dollar. And the selling dealer pays the shipping. You just send us a list of your stocking parts that you want to buy (or we dial in and grab them), and we scour the countryside looking for them. The parts that match your stocking list will then be presented to you on our website and you just click the parts you want. It's that easy! We charge a small 7% finders fee on each transaction (based on dealer cost, not half price). So we only make money if you make money!

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We offer advertising services to our customers as well. On our website, you will reach an audience of parts buyers that's second to none!! We have the biggest parts buyers in the country looking at our website all day long! We can design and place a banner ad and place it for you strategically on our website as to generate the best response possible. Call us for more details.

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In summary, DealerMine Corporation offers many benefits to the new car dealer market including:
  • Speed!! We usually can get you a deal the same day you send us a file!
  • Versatile. We handle most manufacturer lines.
  • Excellent customer service staff. We'll hold your hand as long as you need us to.
  • Responsive technical staff. We can customize our service to fit your needs.
  • Experience. Founder of DealerMine pioneered idle stock reduction industry.
  • Ease of our website. Our customers love how easy our website is to use.
  • Depth of our buyer database. We have tons of buyers.
  • Enhancements. Our customers love the new products and improvements we're continually making to our website.
  • No hidden fees. We only get paid if we produce deals.
  • Plus more!!
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We have some very exciting new products in development that are nearly done. These will be our best products yet and we will keep our website up to date as to their expected delivery date. We'll keep you posted!!

Please call us at (888) BUY-PARTS (888-289-7278) with any questions on any of our products. We'd love the opportunity to help you increase profit margins at your dealership.
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