Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of business may participate?
Any business with new OEM parts for sale.

How do I get paid as a seller?
Most of our Buyers are mega dealers and will pay within 30-days of shipment, but many pay early. It's up to the buyer and seller to mutually agree on payment terms and in those cases we are a conduit only, not a party to the actual transaction.

Am I obligated to sell the parts ordered?

No, you may refuse any part on a particular order but this is not the venue for anyone but serious sellers who are ready to move parts immediately.

How long does it take to receive offers?
From the time we load your parts information in our computer, it can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a few days. Yes, we've generated deals for our customers in 15 minutes or less!

How much can I expect to sell?
All purchases will be bulk purchases, not one at a time. The ratio of parts we sell depends on a number of variables such as: 1) age of the part; 2) national demand, etc. We have a large network of huge parts buyers. It's impossible to predict what you will move, but we have a huge and diverse demand database which make your odds of success very good.

What if I receive no offers on my inventory?
It's rare, but it does happen from time to time and then you would need to have a backup plan.

What if a part is not available or is in poor condition when I go to pull it?

Just ship what you do have. You can't sell what you don't have. All parts must be in the original undamaged packaging. As far as condition goes, when in doubt, leave it out.

Who pays freight as is that negotiable?
Sellers pay. However, if you have a couple of big items on an order you can call the buyer on a case-by-case basis and see if they'll participate in the shipping expense on the particular item(s).

What about damage?
Often, you get what you deserve in terms of shipping damage. Sellers who pack well usually have very little problems.

I need someone to take all the parts, not just the desirable ones.
We do have avenues for this kind of transaction but at much less than 50 cents. These are handled on a case-by-case basis. Call us directly with any questions.

How are shortages and overages resolved?
Most transactions are between you and the buying dealer so it's up to you to work it out. If you follow the steps that we suggest, you should have few if any problems. Buyers are not obligated to pay for damaged parts whether in shipment or before.

What about superseded numbers?
Superseded numbers are typically not accepted by our buyers.

Will bad or non-original packaging be accepted?

Can I include parts that are not eligible for factory returns or even accessories on my parts to sell list?

How do I submit a list of parts to sell?
Either via email or we can dial in directly. We have a very technically savvy staff and can walk you through this process.

Please call us at 888-BUY-PARTS (888-289-7278) with any questions on any of our products. We'd love the opportunity to help you increase profit margins at your dealership.
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